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Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 7 a success

Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 7 was held jointly by NINJAL and ICU, June 27-29th. It was a great success. Thanks to all ICU students and alumni who have contributed to this success.


Meeting in honor of Prof. Kazuko Inoue

On July 3rd 2010, at the ICU Alumni House, we held a meeting of ICU alumni linguists in honor of Prof. Kazuko Inoue (“Inoue Kazuko sensei wo kakomu ICU Gengogaku no tsudoi”).

Among the participants were 31 ICU alumni who were directly supervised by Prof. Muraki Masatake and Prof. Kazuko Inoue, 13 more recent graduates who were indirectly—but nevertheless significantly—influenced by these two professors, and 5 more linguists who have a close connection with ICU.

We were honored to have this formal occasion to thank Prof. Inoue, who connected us through linguistics.

ICU Linguistics Series (since 2009)

  • ICU Linguistics Series 12: Toshikazu Ikuta (The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research) : Busshitsu toshiteno Ninchi: Doopamin no ninchi ni okeru sayoo.
  • ICU Linguistics Series 11: Shigeto Kawahara (Rutgers): The phonetics of Japanese maids (and other talks)
  • ICU Linguistics Series 10: Sally McConnell-Ginet (Cornell): How gender and sexual ideologies affect meaning on and off line
  • ICU Linguistics Series 9: Ryan Bennett (UCSC): Pronouns and prosody in Irish
  • ICU Linguistics Series 8: Shigeru Miyagawa (MIT): Agreements that occur mainly in the main clause
  • ICU Linguistics Series 7: Hyun-Kyung Hwang (Ninjal) and John Whitman (Ninjal): Prosodic marking of wh-scope and cyclic spellout
  • ICU Linguistics Series 6: Shigeto Kawahara (Rutgers): Spectral continuity and the perception of duration
  • ICU Linguistics Series 3: Armin Mester (UCSC): The loanword debate in German and Japanese: A linguistic perspective.
  • ICU Linguistics Series 2: Shinichiro Sano (ICU): Introduction to Corpus-based methods in linguistic research.
  • ICU Linguistics Series 1: Atsushi Oho (ICU): “janai-n-janai”? Tag-question or negative question; Ikue Motoyanagi (Sophia University) “Dyslexia: Discussion from a linguistic point of view”; Shintaro Hayashi (Yokohama International University) “Null C in nominal complements and morphological merger”
  • Special lecture: Ito Junko (UCSC) What ‘anime’ and ‘karaoke’ have in common: A linguistic perspective.